You work.
Zepto tracks your time automatically.
You get paid faster.

Get accurate and detailed timesheets without any effort

Zepto tracks the time for your entire team and allows you to generate bills with 1-click
Set up and automate your workflows

Your firm administrator sets up rules and workflows for your entire practice in under 20-minutes

Work as you normally do

Zepto automatically tracks your activities in the background, matching them with the right client and matter

Generate accurate and detailed bills

You can now create extremely detailed and accurate bills in 5 minutes, allowing you to get paid faster

No more timekeeping

We capture time as you work

Zepto integrates with the tools you use to produce billable work, capturing time automatically, with perfect accuracy.

The only thing you need to do is review the captured activities and build the invoice with 1-click.
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Zepto increases your firm's revenues and automates time and billing

Use Zepto to your advantage and streamline your business operations

For Attorneys

  • Get paid quicker and in full
  • Streamline billing across your firm and delight clients with predictability and transparency
  • Understand how time is being spent across your firm and make informed business decisions with our powerful reporting features

For Firm Administrators

  • Eliminate extra data entry and pull timesheets together with one-click
  • Bill clients in minutes vs. hours
  • Never track time for attorneys again, because Zepto is taking care of it automatically
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Christian Kent
Billing Manager
"Making sure that attorneys have entered their time correctly and timely, with the right narrative, was always a challenge. Zepto helps me put a bill together and out to the client in minutes vs. hours, while making sure that time is captured automatically."