Deliver great services and let us take care of the rest

Zepto manages your operations, by automating project management, time-tracking and billing, while guaranteeing payments.

We're helping you run your business and get paid on time and in full

Our vision is that everybody should be able to work for themselves, deliver great services, and be paid fairly for it, without doing the annoying, but necessary tasks that everybody hates.

Zepto does all the hard work for you

You should be able to focus on the fun parts of your profession. Zepto delivers this by taking care of your most hated tasks – negotiation, setup, invoicing, and money collection. That's right - money collection. We know from our experience that convincing people to pay you is one of the biggest challenges.

Invite your friends to work together on projects

We make it easy for you to work together with your friends on projects that you want. Zepto will track the project and will split the money between you and your friends automatically.

Work smart, not hard

Why carry around a camera, calculator, computer, and a bulky mobile when you can get a smartphone? Instead of doing your communication on one platform, having your work tools on another, and your invoicing & billing through a third one, we bring it all together into one beautifully designed and easy-to-use platform.

The service automation platform for the future of work

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