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Zepto automates time and billing for law firms, by capturing the time spent on Word, Outlook, Chrome and Zoom

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Law firms use Zepto to capture more billable hours, save time and delight customers

Capture more billable hours, understand how your firm operates and streamline the billing process
Capture more billable hours

Add 20 minutes per day in billable time, resulting in 13% increase in your firm's profitability

Save administrative time

Save 3 hours per week, or 80% of the time spent on timekeeping and billing, and focus on delivering great legal services

Understand your costs

Make informed decisions about pricing your alternative fee arrangements, while remaining profitable

Easy-to-use and efficient

Zepto automates your timekeeping process, allowing you to focus on practicing law

  • Timekeeping and billing automation
  • Time intelligence
  • Visibility and predictability for clients
Timekeeping, simplified

We capture time as you work

Zepto integrates with the tools you use to produce billable work, capturing time automatically, with perfect accuracy.

The only thing you need to do is review the captured activities and build the invoice with 1-click.
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Using time data to deliver pricing fees

Understand the true cost of delivering legal services

Understanding how you spend your time and mapping your workflow is critical for delivering predictable, transparent and profitable legal services.
Zepto uses time data to provide an objective overview of your operations, eliminating guesswork and enabling process optimization - everything you need to delight your clients.

Zepto increases your firm's revenues and automates time and billing

Use Zepto to your advantage and streamline your business operations

For Attorneys

  • Grow revenues and profits by automating timekeeping
  • Streamline billing across your firm and delight clients with predictability and transparency
  • Understand how time is being spent across your firm and make informed business decisions with our time intelligence

For Firm Administrators

  • Eliminate extra data entry and pull timesheets together with one-click
  • Bill clients in minutes vs. hours
  • Automate tedious tasks and remove associated overhead, so you can provide better client service and bill more hours.
Automated time and billing for law firms

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