Everything you need to manage your operations

You work, Zepto automates the operational overhead and helps you get paid faster and in full
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Automate your timekeeping process

Never lose a billable hour again. Simplify the process by allowing Zepto to capture the time you spend on emails, meetings, documents and research - without starting or stopping a timer.

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Delight your clients with accurate and detailed invoices

Create accurate and detailed invoices that your clients will love
Deliver bills on time
Get paid faster and in full for your services, with our Stripe integration
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Simplify and organize work

Create and collaborate on projects with your team
Track progress and set up goals
Assign work with one click based on historical data

Time spent in Word is automatically recorded by Zepto

With our secure Microsoft Word integration, the time that you spent on drafting and reviewing documents will be automatically recorded and matched with the right client and matter.

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Read and draft emails in Outlook and let Zepto track your time

With the Zepto for Outlook Add-in, Zepto records the time spent on drafting and reading emails, on desktop and mobile devices, without moving a finger.

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