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Everything you can do with Zepto

Use features as you need them - for hourly or project-based work

Automate time-tracking and billing

Zepto works in the background to capture your time, creating accurate and detailed invoices, so you can focus on what matters.

Get productivity insights with time analytics

Automated time-tracking helps you understand exactly how you and your staff spend time, so you can make data-informed decisions about work allocation and pricing.

Automate your workflow and project management

Our built-in task management and workflow automation make it easy to simplify your workday, so you can focus on delivering value to your clients.

Automate your timekeeping process

Never lose a billable hour again. Simplify the process by allowing Zepto to capture the time you spend on emails, meetings, documents and research - without starting or stopping a timer.

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Delight your clients with accurate and detailed invoices

Create accurate and detailed invoices that your clients will love
Deliver bills on time
Get paid faster and in full for your services, with our Stripe integration
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What do you want to know?

Some of the most frequently asked questions

What is Zepto and what can it do?

Zepto is a project automation company that helps lawyers, accountants, and freelancers to become more efficient and get paid faster and in full for their services, by automating time-tracking, billing and project management. Zepto uniquely manages all your operations from the moment you start working on a project to the moment you get paid for it, to provide a truly unique project automation platform. It increases revenues, profits and client relationships with automation and analytics. 

How much does Zepto cost?

Zepto services start at $50/user/month, or $500/user/year. Zepto’s pricing includes 24/7 customer support, free onboarding and training, together with world class features like time-tracking and billing automation, workflow automation, task-based invoicing, integrations with tools like MS Word, MS Outlook, Google Chrome, QuickBooks, RingCentral and many others.

Our project automation system saves lawyers, accountants and freelancers up to 65% of the time spent on busywork and increases revenues with more than 25%. Instead of paying extra for installation, training, support and updates, you get them included with Zepto.

How do I set up Zepto?

Zepto is a breeze to set up for solo, small businesses and larger organizations. Every account gets personalized care to help them along the way.

You start by picking up your plan, create a team, add users, import. Then, download the Zepto Outlook, Word and Chrome Add-ins, and you’re up and running!

Larger organizations receive additional support in setting up bulk data import, data integrations, and workflow automation. Whenever your need changes, we’re ready to support you.

Did we mention everyone gets unlimited live support? Swing by our support portal for FAQs, training videos, and easy-to-follow tutorials. If you have a question, reach our product experts over the phone, email, chat, or social media — anytime!

We’ve designed every aspect of our workflow manager to be the easiest and fastest way to manage your service-based business! 

What makes Zepto different?

Zepto was founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs who developed process automation software for the world's largest organizations, like BASF, Thomson Reuters, Rolls-Royce and Daimler-Mercedes. We now believe that service-based businesses also want to be run efficiently and improve productivity and revenues, so here we are.

From the personalized onboarding support to our engineers that maintain our scalable network, every customer benefits from our obsessive focus on delivering a superior customer experience.

Zepto is so much more than a billing platform. Zepto was ahead of the curve by introducing its completely automated time-tracking solution, that doesn't require users to start/stop timers or guesstimate about how they spend their time.

Zepto gives lawyers, freelancers, and accountants a competitive advantage with automated time-tracking, hourly-based, task-based and project-based billing, and workflow and project automation — all in one system.

Hundreds of individuals and companies rely on Zepto for its rock-solid reliability. You get more than just an automation platform – you get peace of mind, that your operations are running smoothly, and your clients are clear about how you've been helping them. Our team members are driven to provide you with the best customer service you won’t find anywhere else. 

Is Zepto keeping my data secure?

Our server applications run on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS), complying with all US and EU data protection laws and regulations. AWS supports the widest range of security standards and compliance certifications than any other offering, including PCI-DSS,HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, GDPR, FIPS 140-2, and NIST 800-171. AWS compliance means we are part of Amazon's Shared Responsibility Model and meet all the security standards required by our Amazon colleagues. 

To learn more about AWS compliance, go to

Network security monitoring and protection

We undertake multiple steps to make sure our network is safe from breaches or unwanted visits. Our security architecture consists of:

- Filtering by IP address.
- A firewall monitoring all network traffic (both incoming and outgoing).
- A VPN with network access control lists and a virtual private cloud.
- Built-in network policies that allow us to control which services can communicate with one another. 

User data and analytics 

We only collect data that users specify when creating an account (emails) or filling in their profile (name, phone number). We collect, encrypt, and store the title of the document, email address of the sender/receiver, and subject line of the email that users process through Zepto to (1) provide more accurate and sharp service to our customers (2) provide customers with personalized analytics and help them track their activity; (3) help our clients resolve potential support issues; (4) comply with or avoid the violation of applicable laws or regulations; or (5) to comply with any valid legal request. We do not extract or collect any data from user documents and emails. The data is stored safely on our servers and cannot be viewed, bought, accessed, or extracted by any third party, under any circumstance. 

Data localization

All the user and content data we collect from all around the world is stored on Amazon Web Services servers located in Virginia, USA.

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