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Zepto makes it easy to hire highly specialized people and for freelancers, lawyers and accountants to find work and get paid for it.

The new way of working and hiring

Our vision for the future of work is simple - people working for themselves and being paid for their skills, and companies hiring the best people without combing through details.

Project automation for service providers

You should be able to focus on the fun parts of your profession. Zepto delivers this by taking care of your most hated tasks – negotiation, setup, invoicing, and money collection. That's right - money collection. We know from our experience that convincing people to pay you is one of the biggest challenges.

Find the best possible service providers for your business

Zepto uses a unique technology to automatically match you with the best possible freelancers, lawyers, accountants, and designers, so you don't need to spend days on negotiations and updates.

Build relationships and make your life easier

Let's face it - finding work or hiring someone for a project is only the first step. You then have to negotiate on the pricing, get updates, create an invoice, pay the invoice and so on. The process lacks transparency and clarity. We're here to solve it.

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